Vicious Ladies

Call for Pitches

Vicious Ladies publishes online feature-length articles and essays by womyn and non-binary cultural critics of color, primarily based on the West coast, most likely (though not exclusively) from California. This publication, informed by the irreverent spirit of the zine, publishes monthly pieces on art, film, television, music, dance, fashion, architecture and other cultural forms, both “low” and “high” and everything in between. In range of content, use of vernacular and attitudinal positionality and intensity, we limit ourselves at nothing.

Named after the Vicious Ladies, after an L.A. all-girl party crew in the 1990s, we publish work by established, new and emerging writers. A cross between a party crew, girl gang and a pirate ship, we are fearless in our writing, find space and support for bold ideas and actions, and sisterhood among writers at various stages in our publishing careers, offering mentorship to new and emerging writers, and space for risk-taking to more established ones. This freedom to take risks is one of the beauties of small, independent publishing as we are beholden to no other interests except our own commitment to honoring the visions and voices of womyn and non-binary people of color and destroying the racist and patriarchal ideologies on which nearly every American cultural institution is founded on.

As the editor, I place emphasis on voice, style and intellectual rigor. I am committed to creating a safe and supportive space for writers to challenge themselves in developing a more free and fearless practice.

We are looking for pitches. Please write with a brief pitch and links to previous publications. Your pitch should include your article idea, a little bit about yourself, and anywhere else you’ve been published.

Pitch Submission deadline: January 5, 2021
Email your pitch to:

Vicious Ladies is funded by Critical Minded with support from Claremont Graduate University.