I co-edit Boom California, an open-access and peer-review magazine out of UC Press. Before Boom, I was managing editor at KCET Departures. In 2021, I am launching a new online journal dedicated to arts criticism. Below is a select list of publications.

“Truths Unsilenced: The Life, Death, and Legacy of Rubén Salazar,’ KCET, August 2020.

“An Uncommon Bond: The Influential L.A. Gallery Commonwealth and Council Favors Camaraderie Over Business as Usual” Artnews, January 2020.

“Guadalupe Maravilla,” Aperture, Fall 2020

“Back in the Days: Guadalupe Rosales and her archive of Chicano life in Los Angeles.” Aperture. Summer 2018 Issue #232.

“Artists Re-invent Their Role in Gentrifying Communities.” The American Prospect. July 4, 2018

“La Raza: The Community Newspaper That Became a Political Platform.” KCET. April 4, 2018

“Para Las Duras: Queer Chicanx Social Space” Terremoto Magazine. Fall 2017

“What is Latin American Art: Finding Answers at Pacific Standard Time” LA Weekly. September 12, 2017

“Art and Complicity: How the Fight Against Gentrification in Boyle Heights Questions the Role of Artists” Artbound. July 20. 2016

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